12 Must Visit Tourist Sites in Ghana

12 Beautiful Tourist Sites in Ghana

Do you enjoy traveling and discovering the world’s most breathtaking natural settings? You might wish to visit Ghana while you’re in Africa. The top 10 tourist attractions in Ghana are examined below.

People look up the best tourist attractions in Paris or the best locations to visit in London when they wish to take a holiday.
Not only in the West can one find beautiful places. Africa is privileged as well. You won’t believe there are gorgeous sites in African nations including South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, and others.

One of Africa’s most valuable countries is Ghana. Over the years, the nation has undergone enormous growth, and its democracy is strong.

Ghana features stunning landscapes, a rich cultural legacy, sunny beaches, busy beaches, and resorts with wildlife. The nation is an incredible spot to visit for holidays or vacations because to these factors and more.

Despite its modest size, this West African nation has drawn a sizable number of immigrants and tourists. Tourists enjoy traveling throughout the nation because of the quick and simple transit system.
There are 14 areas in Ghana, but each one is endowed with stunning scenery, exciting activities, and sightseeing opportunities.

Top 15 tourist sites in Ghana

In Ghana, you can encounter amiable people, delectable food, excellent music, and entertaining locations everywhere you turn. See the best tourist destinations in Ghana.

Waterfalls always attract people from all over the country and around the world, and Boti Falls is no different. Located in the Eastern Region of Ghana, 17km northeast of Koforidua, is a Ghana attraction with a history.

1. Boti Falls

Boti Falls is an integral part of Ghana. According to history, Boti Falls is a twin waterfall, specifically male and female, representing the upper and lower falls.

The locals believe that when the volume of water from the falls becomes high, the two falls are mating, so a mating ceremony is organised. A rainbow is usually formed during the ceremony when there is a continuous splashing of water.

Boti Falls

2. Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park, which is revered as the park of the country, is a place that any traveler should visit. On the southern coast of Ghana, it has a 145 square meter area (specifically the Central Region of Ghana). In particular, mammals like antelopes and elephants, but also a wide variety of other threatened species, call the park home.

A canopy walk that is suspended approximately 30 meters above the ground is also present in the park. If you’re experiencing the canopy walk for the first time, it can be a little frightening at times, but if you have an adventurous spirit, it shouldn’t be a problem. You can admire the surrounding nature and get a perspective above the trees.

Kakum National Park

3. Labadi Beach

There are many well-known beaches along Accra’s coastline, making it a fantastic location for recreation. Labadi Beach, commonly known as La Pleasure Beach, is one of the beaches.
On Ghana’s coast, Labadi Beach is one of the busiest beaches. La Palm Royal Beach Hotel and Labadi Beach Hotel look after the beach. Both have done a good job of keeping this beach up.
On the weekends, it is common to see a crowd at the Beach. Labadi Beach is one of Ghana’s top 10 tourist destinations, where Ghanaians and foreigners alike enjoy leisure and enjoyment.
On the beach, you may play games, dance to music played over loudspeakers, and ride horses, among other activities.

labadi beach

4. Cape Coast Castle

Previously, the Portuguese referred to Cape Coast as Cabo Corso. It is the former capital of a European colony. The town was once the biggest hub for the transatlantic slave trade in West Africa.
Before being transported onto ships bound for the West, slaves were purchased in this town and imprisoned inside the castles. Without a question, Cape Coast is one of Africa’s most culturally significant locations.
The historic colonial structures that line the streets of the fishing village of Cape Coast today. Cape Coast, with its artistic atmosphere, becomes a great place for strolls.
While touring other locations like the Kakum National Park, Elmina, and Anomabu, you can make Cape Coast your home base.

Cape Coast Castle

5. Elmina Castle

The Elmina Castle preserves a historical memory, like the Cape Coast Castle. The Elmina Castle was the first European settlement in Africa to establish a slave trading post.
The fortress was erected in the 15th century by the Portuguese. It was governed by the British and the Dutch and functioned as a gateway for Brazilian and Caribbean slave traders.
The castles are constructed so that the opulent quarters for the Europeans are on top and the dungeons housing the slaves (200 slaves per cell) are positioned below.
A good place to reflect on Africa’s past is the Elmina Coast. This is a dream location for African historians.
The castle, a part of the network of national museums, has been named a “UNESCO World Heritage Monument.”

Elmina Castle

6. Lake Bosomtwe

Since Lake Bosomtwe is only around 32 kilometers from Kumasi, Ghana’s second-largest city, you won’t have any trouble finding it.
The lake, which is over 90 meters deep, was formed when a sizable meteorite collided with Earth.
Due to its status as a sacred site for the Ashanti kingdom’s citizens, the crater lake attracts both tourists and residents alike.
Folklore holds that the dead come to Lake Bosomtwe first to bid the Twi deity farewell before going.

This lake, which is bordered by hiking, biking, and horseback riding routes, is one of Ghana’s top 10 tourist destinations. If you want to spend the weekend somewhere peaceful on the sea, this is a great choice.

Lake Bosomtwe

7. Lake Volta

Even though the Volta Region has several tourist attractions like mountains, waterfalls, and lakes, it receives the least amount of tourists overall.

The largest man-made lake in the world, Lake Volta, is situated in this area. Lake Volta, which has an area of 8,502 square kilometers, circles the entire nation.

The Akosombo Dam confines the noticeable lake, which is used for transportation. Additionally, it produces electricity for Ghana’s citizens. You can unwind and let tension go at Volta Lake thanks to the tranquil surroundings.

Lake Volta

8. Aburi Botanical Gardens

The Aburi Botanical Gardens are among Ghana’s most alluring locations because Ghana is situated in Africa, where both the nation and the environment benefit from the warmer climate!

The gardens, which have its name from the town of Aburi, which is about 30 kilometers north of Accra in Ghana’s Eastern Region, were formally inaugurated in March 1890. The gardens include 160 acres, of which 157 are reserved and 3 are used to build the essential infrastructure.

A relaxing excursion like a trip to the Aburi Gardens will help you forget about any tension you may be experiencing. You may easily visit here for a picnic with your family and to take advantage of what nature has to offer because it is only around a 45-minute drive from Accra.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

9. Mole National Park

The Northern Region of Ghana is another location to bear in mind when traveling there.
Elephants, roan antelope, and a few unique birds are among the endangered species that call Ghana’s Mole National Park home.
This national park is one of the best places to go when you want to discover nature because it has a 4,840 square kilometer land area.
This park was the first one that Ghana set aside to protect animals. It safeguards numerous other biological critters, 94 mammal species, and more than 300 bird species.

Mole National Park

10. Wli Waterfalls

Waterfalls provide the tranquility required to unwind and enjoy time with a loved one. Ghana’s Wli waterfalls are quite serene.
One of Ghana’s top 10 tourist destinations is this waterfall. It is situated in the Volta region of Ghana, about five hours’ drive from Accra, the country’s capital.
The highest waterfall in Ghana and West Africa is Wli Waterfalls, often referred to as Agumatsa Fall.
Going on a hike with your buddies at the top of the falls can liven up your tour. Make sure you follow a guide, though.

The “shrine of the lesser gods” is located at the summit of the falls. This shrine is thought to have been carried from Togo by the village’s ancestors.

Wli Waterfalls

11. Kintampo Falls

Kintampo Falls is another waterfall in Ghana that attracts tourists to the nation. When traveling from Kumasi to Kintampo in the Brong Ahafo Region, it is precisely 4 kilometers away from Kintampo Township.
The waterfall has a staircase-like form, and the water disappears and reappears some 200 meters from where it first appeared.
The vista from the top of the falls demonstrates just how lovely nature can be. The main draw of this location is the scenery and outlook.
You can go to the nearby Boambeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary after seeing Kintampo Falls because they are both in the same area.

Kintampo Falls

12. Kumasi Zoological Gardens

Another bustling and attractive city in Accra is Kumasi. In reality, it is Ghana’s second-largest city, right behind Accra. Additionally, it is situated in the Ashanti Region.
One of the top ten tourist destinations in Ghana is the Kumasi Zoological Gardens. The zoo was built in 1951 and covered an area of up to 1.5 square kilometers.
Between the former Kumasi racecourse and the Kumasi Centre for National Culture are the Kumasi Zoological Gardens.
Given that it was built to serve as a conservation facility for threatened and endangered wildlife species, this zoo is the finest spot to visit if you wish to view or learn about some African animals while visiting Kumasi.
This zoo is home to baboons, lions, camels, and many bird species like eagles, parrots, and ostriches.

Kumasi Zoological Gardens

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