LYRICS: D’yani – Letter

Letter Lyrics BY D’yani –

[Intro] Writing you this letter (*3)

[Chorus] I’m writing you this letter
Girl you make me better
I need you forever
Girl you are my treasure

[Verse 1] Woman you mek me feel rich
Rich rich!
Something inna life weh bill gates coulda never buy
Switch ! Which switch?
gyal you a di best definition of every kind
En…. Enrich
Genuine leather god bless like every-time
Diss?which b*tch?
Nuh gyal cya violate no day no time!

Queen inna di deck u nuh have nuh rival
Breathe of life yah me survival
Had you drowning in tears like a tidal
New day same feeling like a cycle
Had dreams seeing you in white like shower bridal
Nah lie still girl you have the title
Forever loving you is final
And even if we leff yah still my gyal
No lie!!

[Verse 2] Me coulda seh all a diss inna text
But me write diss dwn pon paper fi show mistake never mek
And fi all weh nuh happen yet
I was wrong i am human
I hope that you don’t forget
As a man you affi mek the step
Even when you dying inside and doubt have the benifit
Wah me affi tell you probably lick yuh chip
So just be patient wid me and just take a seat

[Excerpt] Sigh!!!
Ahhm u memba kiesha
She pregnant
Me f**k u!!!

[Outro] I never want things fi wrk like diss
I know you find it hard to forgive because i tore u apart

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