LYRICS: Stefflon Don – Murda (freestyle Badness)

Murda Lyrics BY Stefflon Don (freestyle Badness) |

[Verse 1] Duppy di riddim and den wi kill dem with juice
Bad from mi born, yea, mi badda dan you
Put dem inna pot dem gyal deh fi get stew
Only wicked and bad gyal deh inna my crew
How many times did I mek a gyal move
How many times did I mek dem nyam food
Drop chune, get boos, Dem nuh ready yet, why?
Dem anuh nuh bady, dem nuh relevant

[Verse 2] Dash out the thing mek mi deal with it wicked
Knock it out a park like mi a play cricket
Stefflon Don inna dem mouth like chicken
Yes mi a giant, mi a don, dem a midget
Man wah mi fi fly ova di seas fi dem
Waah likkle nookie from a UK Queen
Bad man fi faawud, wasteman ??
Mi nuh waah bruk c**ky man inna mi gut
Don, a suh mi bad like dat
Tun gyal inna ghost suh shi cyaah cum back
Walk wid it like wi have a license strap
Ting proud and loud, it nuh hide and chat
Sen fi di Don cyaah dem wah get smoke
No reply cause dem buzz dead like nose flow

[Verse 3] Everybody knows you’re a ?? you’re a joke
Don’t care how much quotes you post you’re not woke
Plane just crash wid di coke

Dawg dem affi jump pan a boat
Kill all dog fi all bone
Tink wi a laugh bout wi nah run joke
These p**syholes are not bad for me
They got holy draws, dats blasphemy
Tummy tucks and surgeries
These patients ??
Like Dudum dudum dum, brap, gyal drop
Heavyweight I’m a boss I’m a champ

[Verse 4] Gyal get dizzy wen dem f**k with di Don
Like a disc in a DJ’s deck, they get spun
Suck your Mom, go find your dad
Gun fingers don’t make you bad
I don’t care about who’s hot or who’s not
Still gonna eat these b*tches, they getting chewed up
Still ?? Pick a mix like a fat kid
Den make dem swim with fishes in the Atlantic
Plastic, dem nuh real dem elastic
Dash weh dem inna di dirt lakka casket
Face too pretty I can never be a catfish
Thick, pink p**sy, I’m a star like Patrick
Only ?? in my hoodie ??
No ?? dats a madness

[Verse 5] Double Cs on my brand new boot
Mi ?? I’m a brand new yute
Nuh rest fi di bless, work fi mi fun tho
If yah stan inna mi kitcheh, heat aguh badda you
Weed and Henny fi mi man breakfast
They love me, but di blogs dem don’t
N?? still fat like Nicki and ??
N?? Copy mi style, dem wah be me
Hype pan di net, dem only bad inna 3d
Real bad gyal win uh laff win uh keke
Dawg aguh bark wen yuh talk like ??

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