Photos: DISASTER as slay queen almost burns to death after tlof tlof v!brator she was using catches fire

A young woman is apparently fighting for her life in the hospital when the v!brator she was using to indulge herself caught fire in the middle of her delight.

A v!brator is a device or gadget used to stimulate s.3x or massage. The size and shape of v!brators might vary depending on the task you need them to do. The use of v!brators is one of the most popular ways for women to feel s.3.xually satisfied.

Some pictures of the slay queen with burns on her legs have gone popular on social media. The pictures have been discussed widely. In the v!brator’s image, the cable’s border can also be seen partially scorched.

Here are some of the reactions from social media users:

@afroman_12: V!brator? It’s worthless… Natural is the best. Some men may have smaller d!nk , ladies please be patience with him, don’t run away from him . Try sensual massage or work together in bath tub , it will work for you . I beg

@nimnexauto_international: “Lmao, even D!do got burnt because nobody fit do 20 rounds ”

@aniyikayetwins_: “Fake ass product … if e explode inside your hmmm.”

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