VIDEO: Wendy Shay’s Live Performance Of Survivor Receives Huge Applause On Social Media

Wendy Shay’s Live Performance Of Survivor video Receives Huge Applause On Social Media – At a Glitch Africa event, gifted Ghanaian singer-songwriter Wendy Shay gave a powerful live version of her current contentious hit tune, “Survivor.”

During the Survivor live performance, Wendy Shay conveys strong and passionate emotions. This song is a potent expression of Wendy’s authority, unwavering development, and self-belief.

Any form of relationship disappointment may be quite upsetting, especially if a lot of effort and sacrifice have been put into it. You’re left wondering where you went wrong and attempting to figure it out.

Wendy Shay appears to be in a similar situation as she fully expresses her disgust in her most recent song, “Survivor.” Using profanity to berate her ex-lover, Wendy Shay expresses her tremendous rage.

A double entendre in the song “Survival” refers to Wendy Shay as a “survivor” of both high-powered success and heartbreak. This reveals a great deal about Wendy Shay’s writing skills and originality.

Award-winning Ghanaian producer MOG Beatz provided Wendy Shay with excellent sound engineering to help with the production as well.

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